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Mobile Welding Repair
Mobile welding brings you all the advantages of traditional welding at your doorstep. You don’t need to come to our workshop. DDM is equipped with 26 trucks so that we can fix things at your own location and preferred time. Whether you want to design, fabricate, construct or demolish a metal part, our services are available round the clock to save your time and give you convenience.
Metal Fabricating
We can weld all types of metals and thermoplastics by using range of gas and arc welding processes. We are equipped with all the automatic welding processes such as GMAW, SMAW, etc. and can produce quality welds with semi-automatic and manual procedures. We follow all the trade regulations and practices keeping safety our top priority.
Our Services
Precision Cutting, Arc - Couging, Ti, Mig, Cwb Welding, Off - Site Welding & Fabrication, Magnetic Pulse, Flux Cored, Gas & Shielded Meta, Trailer Repar, Copper & Aluminum, Oxy fuel, Heavy Duty Mechanic. Mechanical & Electronical Maintenance, Prerequisite Assembling & Installations

We Weld All Kinds Of Welding!


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